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Hi my name is

Jalen and my brand goes by the name Lickmyfashion! I'm a Fashion Content Creator and Marketing Mentor. The type of content I create are fashion videos to have people inspired to be comfortable in their own skin. I also create these videos to help people push their creativity. I also make marketing videos to develop people's social media and teach them things they need to know to create income for themselves.

Who is your target audience?

My target audience is people who are either involved in the fashion industry or people who run businesses that want to get into marketing. They learn from me because they take the information I provide and they apply it to their business and flourish which is incredible. As for fashion, they learn how to be outside of the box and create different avenues when it comes to their clothing choices and how they represent themselves.

How did you get into content creation?

I got into content creating towards the end of last year because I felt like pictures on social media was not enough. I wanted to bring more to the table and really create a platform for my audience that was more enjoyable and fun. I also wanted to let them know that I've evolved and grown. I started creating video content this year and my page literally blew up to 100k in a span of 4 months. I went up 50k followers in a span of 4 months all because I decided to take content to another level and it's so rewarding.

What or who inspires you?

Is it crazy to say that I inspire me? I feel like the only person that really goes hard for me is me. I inspired myself everyday and get in creative spaces to keep being inspired. My friends who are also in the same field as me inspire me also! I just love the fact that people around me are doing just as great and that also keeps me inspired

What is your favourite platform to create for and why?

My favourite platform to create for is Instagram for sure! I feel like the engagement and loveis so recognized on Instagram, I really do love my Instagram audience. However, I would say that Tik Tok would be second because they always give me ideas which challenges my creativity. But definitely Instagram would be first

What did it feel like the first time you went viral? What happened next?

To be honest, it felt normal. I didn't really gasp or scream, I think I was just in a mindstate of being thankful and showing gratitude towards God. The first time I went viral I just said "it's time" and I kept on being consistent with the content that made me viral, and it just becomes a train effect.

What does success look like to you?

Success is whatever you want it to be, honestly. I feel like we live in a society where people have these expectations of what "success" looks like and honestly it could be something as buying a new car, getting a new job, reaching a new financial goal. I feel like success is just simply growth! If you were better than who you were last year, or even two months ago or even 2 weeks ago, that's success!

What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with other / aspiring Creators?

The advice I would give to other aspiring creators is to keep going. I know it can be exhausting to create and feel like nothing is happening but I promise you, your time is coming. Just keep being consistent and create even when you don't see anything. I've been on Instagram for about 7 years and I'm just catching some sort of spotlight now. Never give up and continue to put out content!

What advice would you give brands looking to partner with Creators?

The only advice I would give to brands looking to partner with Creators is to not pay attention to followers but to focus on creativity and engagement. There's a lot of creators who are overlooked because their follower count isn't high but they provide the most creativity to their content. Pay attention to smaller creators and what they bring to the table

If you could have your dream Creator collab, who would it be with and what would you do?

I actually haven't thought that far and I don't think I have a dream creator collab I want to work with. But I would love to be on TV for my creative content in some way. I think that would be super cool. However, Boohoo and Asos I would love to work with too as I love the clothing they provide for Men!

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