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Hi my name is

Jessica Gorlicky and I'm a Toronto/Montreal based artist who creates a variety of handmade creations and large artworks of all kinds, ranging from Murals, Live performances/Speed paintings/custom handmade creations/collections of artwork on canvas.

Who is your target audience?

I'm focused on speaking to the masses about creating and fulfilling your life's purpose through creation and dreaming big. I speak/demonstrate/record/photograph the process of creation inside my very own studio/gallery as well as creating wherever I am in the world. Why not seize the moment when inspiration hits! My style is random and free, something I've been told is rare and hard to accomplish, showing this flow is the real me and who I truly am, so why not share it. There's no specific demographic I'm looking for, any human in general may find me inspiring and interesting and curious about my painting techniques.

How did you get into content creation?

Naturally I felt the pull to show my creation and craft many many years ago even before social media was a "thing" as I've been performing since the mid 90's as a kid; not really knowing what I was doing I was already being watched and entertaining audiences.. It only seemed natural to show the ins/outs and document it. In 2010 during the winter olympics in Canada, my first tour across the country with RBC, a lightbulb went off and I went on a rampage of documentation thereafter, to perform and create in all kinds of locations in the city, movement related and across the globe. It's called "Art in Motion" there's about 60 videos on youtube you can find under my name.

What or who inspires you?

The question for me is " who/what doesn't inspire me" seriously though, most things, people, landscapes, conversations do inspire me and fuel my passion.

What is your favourite platform to create for and why?

My favourite platform to create for currently and for a while now has been Instagram, it has allowed me to show my multifaceted styles and give an inner sense of spotlight to my creative endeavours.

What did it feel like the first time you went viral? What happened next?

I mean, you hope all videos/content does well, some catches fire, some doesn't, what's important is to believe in what's being created. It feels amazing to be "seen" of course, especially after 20 years in the game of creation, we all hope for this. What happens next is, "let's do another one" I'll say to myself lol!

What does success look like to you?

Success looks like this : I wake up, have the freedom to create or take a walk or stretch or have pancakes and kiss my man good morning.  It also looks like selling out the whole damn show because the work is GREAT! what a feeling!

What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with other / aspiring Creators?

Don't look back, just do whatever it is that makes your heart sing that song, nod your head and keep on going - DON'T EVER STOP, JUST KEEP ON GOING, NO MATTER WHAT. and don't paint over old canvas, you will regret it later!

What advice would you give brands looking to partner with Creators?

Collaborating and giving creatives a go is nothing short of making this world a better place, for us all, in all ways, not just for you both but for the viewers, we never know how we inspire a better world until we join forces and do it TOGETHER. TOGETHER IS ALWAYS BETTER!

If you could have your dream Creator collab, who would it be with and what would you do?

IN 2012 I got a call from Cirque du Soleil. I dropped on the floor with my phone in my hand. A dream came true that day. I booked 77 shows in Toronto/Montreal over a 3 month period. Best time of my life. Done deal. Hard work, and i'd do it over again in a heartbeat.. I still have a long list of collaborators I'd like to work with, it's coming! Make Up Forever, Lululemon, McDonalds, Nordstrom, Perrier, Coca-Cola and many other dreams have already come true... just keep on going baby! THEY COME!



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